Turnkey Revenue

The right expertise for the job

Our team has an average of over 15 years of experience in dermatology, radiation oncology, and implementation of radiotherapy devices.


SkinCure Oncology provides Dermatologists with personnel trained in SRT delivery and radiation safety, including:

  • Board-certified radiation therapists
  • Medical physicists
  • Radiation safety officer
  • Dermatologists fluent in SRT protocols and management
  • Administrative personnel fluent in writing registration genesis/amendment requests to state agencies and in billing and collections
  • A Radiation Oncologist contact can be provided for practices when necessary

The capital you need to move forward

SkinCure Oncology is a one-stop turnkey solution. We provide the capital needed to get started. We cover the acquisition costs of treatment units and the costs associated with the SRT service line. It’s a risk-free model for the dermatology practice.

Premier service, safety
and PRACTICE experience

Right Training Right Technology Right People Right Protocols

Best Technology
Practice SRT Patient Marketing Kit
Radiation Therapists
Account Manager
Radiation Oncologist Access
Policies and Procedures
Service-Line Dedicated Billing and Collections
Staff and Clinician Training
Physics Services

YOUR collaborative partner

SkinCure Oncology works collaboratively with you and your practice to provide:

  • Seamless integration. Add a significant new dimension without disrupting your existing practice. Let our trained and experienced experts manage the complete process.
  • Ongoing support. SkinCure Oncology is your partner for the long haul. We provide SRT training to key personnel and medical staff to ensure that all are aligned in the delivery of SRT and quality outcomes.

Significant incremental revenue to dermatology practices

The SkinCure Oncology solution provides the following support, all in a shared-revenue model, with no up-front costs to the practice:

  • SRT Equipment, Maintenance and Shielding
  • State Radiation Registrations and Filings
  • Medical Physics
  • Radiation Therapist
  • Radiation Oncologist (access as required)
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • SRT Practice Marketing Tool Kit
  • Account Manager
  • SRT Billing and Collection Services
  • Peace of Mind in Working with the Experts in the Delivery of SRT


This turnkey model provides real opportunity for dermatology practices. SkinCure Oncology takes the risk, and the practice enjoys incremental revenue from month one!

Illustrative process timeline*

Days from Contract Signing: 30 60 90 120 150
The Sensus unit(s) are ordered.
Application to the regulating state agency for a registration and shielding approval.
Buildout of the suite will be completed without disruption to the clinic over a weekend.
A radiation therapist assigned to the customer’s location will be secured within
Acceptance and commissioning (1 week after installation)
Customer training and certification (1-2 weeks after installation)
Go-Live: First Patient Treatment (135 days from contract signing)
In certain cases, SkinCure Oncology can accelerate these timelines and shorten the go-live period to as little as 45 days from signing.
(contingent upon machine availability, state regulations, etc.)
  • "Joining the SkinCure Oncology team has really opened my eyes to the numerous ways technology can help optimize patient satisfaction and outcomes. As a Mohs surgeon, I know firsthand that many skin cancer patients would prefer a non-invasive alternative. The support staff that SkinCure Oncology provides has been a pleasure to work with, and has improved access to care for my patients."

    Dr. Ladd Jr.

  • "The SkinCure Oncology team has exceeded my expectations in every way. Since adding the SRT capabilities, we’ve been able to expand our treatment protocols to better serve our current patients as well as acquire new ones."

    Dr. Brown

  • "We’re an extremely patient-focused group. Recommending the optimal solution for our patients' dermatology needs is our number one priority. Based on our initial interactions with SkinCure, as well as feedback from our patients, we’re expanding the SRT program to additional locations."

    Dr. Desai