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The first nationally focused company to develop AND support a network of dermatology-based, SRT skin cancer treatment practices

SkinCure Oncology helps practices capitalize on new technology to treat the ever-increasing incidence of skin cancer, which is expanding with the aging U.S. population. The company was created in 2016 by the founders of Accelitech and Dermatologist/Mohs surgeon Dr. Daniel J. Ladd. Until recently the primary intervention for non-melanoma skin cancer treatment centered on surgical interventions, with Mohs micrographic surgery existing as the “gold standard.” However, a new non-surgical alternative now exists, and the numbers of Mohs surgeons are limited. The goal for SkinCure Oncology is to provide better access to this new non-surgical alternative for certain patients, including those with co-morbid conditions of blood thinner maintenance and diabetic concerns. Traditional therapies are not workable for these types of patients. Upon researching the problem, Accelitech and Dr. Ladd realized that there exists a genuine need for non-surgical alternatives and better access to care.


  • Implement and expand proven treatment protocols developed in the radiotherapy arena in Dermatology offices
  • Educate and involve Dermatologists (the real skin cancer experts) in the use of SRT as an alternative to traditional surgical interventions for their patients
  • Use the most recent advances in computerized image-guided radiotherapy for non-melanoma skin cancers
  • Be known as the leader in SRT skin cancer solutions
Established Expert Team
Favorable Market Conditions
Strong Growth Opportunity
  • Kerwin J. Brandt

    Kerwin J. Brandt – Chief Executive Officer, SkinCure Oncology, LLC

    • 26 years in healthcare financing and transactions
    • 20+ years of leadership experience with various healthcare start-ups and business ventures
    • Served as CEO of Accelitech for past 11 years
    • Served 8 years as CFO of a venture-funded health services company
    • Raised over $150 million in project capital (debt and equity) in the healthcare space
  • Steven L. Scott

    Steven L. Scott – Chief Operating Officer, Radiation Safety Officer, SkinCure Oncology, LLC

    • 30 years of healthcare experience, including regional oncology direction for HCA, and sales/strategic account management for Varian Medical Systems
    • Has served as a COO and Radiation Safety Officer for a large dermatology practice, more than doubling its footprint and EBIDTA margin
    • Served as Vice President of North Cypress Medical Center, and was involved during planning, construction and development, ultimately responsible for over $150M annually in service line revenues
    • Has built more than 10 radiation oncology facilities, has strong dermatology and radiation oncology billing knowledge
    • Registered radiation therapist for 27 years
  • Dr. Daniel J. Ladd Jr

    Dr. Daniel J. Ladd Jr. – Chief Medical Officer, SkinCure Oncology, LLC

    • Board certified dermatologist
    • Mohs surgeon
    • Owner of 7 comprehensive dermatology offices
    • President-Elect of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology
    • Pioneer in dermatology-driven SRT
  • L. Peter Smith

    L. Peter Smith 

    • Chairman and CEO, PetWatch Animal Hospitals, a chain of specialty veterinary facilities sold in 2009
    • Founded, led and sold Medmark, a specialty pharmaceutical distribution company, to Walgreens after expanding the revenue base from $35M to $200M resulting in a 45% IRR for investors
    • Founded, led and sold CorSolutions, a leading national disease management company, to Matria Healthcare, resulting in a 25% IRR for investors
    • Past COO of Baxter International’s Japanese subsidiary and then President of the Caremark division
    • Boards (past & present): Coram, Smart Pill, EO2 Concepts, SCVN Health, BioMatrix
  • "Joining the SkinCure Oncology team has really opened my eyes to the numerous ways technology can help optimize patient satisfaction and outcomes. As a Mohs surgeon, I know firsthand that many skin cancer patients would prefer a non-invasive alternative. The support staff that SkinCure Oncology provides has been a pleasure to work with, and has improved access to care for my patients."

    Dr. Ladd Jr.

  • "The SkinCure Oncology team has exceeded my expectations in every way. Since adding the SRT capabilities, we’ve been able to expand our treatment protocols to better serve our current patients as well as acquire new ones."

    Dr. Brown

  • "We’re an extremely patient-focused group. Recommending the optimal solution for our patients' dermatology needs is our number one priority. Based on our initial interactions with SkinCure, as well as feedback from our patients, we’re expanding the SRT program to additional locations."

    Dr. Desai